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                   Varone waterfall

The Varone waterfall is one of the most popular natural attractions of all of Alto Garda; access to the public was allowed since the inauguration took place on 20 June 1874 in the presence of the King of Saxony John and Prince Nicholas of Montenegro. Since then the Grotta Cascata Varone Park has become one of the favorite destinations of the Garda area where, also thanks to the picnic park available to everyone and to the free parking lots, it is particularly pleasant to make a stop. The waterfall is fed by the subterranean losses of the beautiful Lake of Tenno that form the Magnone torrent which crashes into the gorge with a leap of almost 100 meters. This rare natural spectacle is appreciable in all its imposing beauty thanks to the walkways that allow you to admire the leap of water from two different points: one lower and one higher. Only 50 meters after the ticket office, housed in an interesting building designed at the beginning of the last century by the famous architect Giancarlo Maroni (known for example for having designed the Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gabriele D'Annunzio's residence in Gardone Riviera), access to the lower cave. Here we observe the work of erosion of calcareous rocks carried out by the water in about 20,000 years; you enter the gorge until you reach the final part of the water fall. Returning briefly on your steps you climb through the park and the botanical garden where you can admire many varieties of crops, even non-native, which live together perfectly thanks to the particular Garda microclimate. At the end of this pleasant walk you finally reach the upper cave, the main observation point of the waterfall. Access is made possible thanks to a tunnel of about 15 meters, dug by man, which leads up into the mountain: the scene is impressive. We are facing a real chasm, a fantastic gorge completely dug out of the water, almost 100 meters deep. The roar, the drafts and the steamed water will envelop you totally making you live a unique experience of its kind. .
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