Lago di Garda - TrentinO SIDE



Toblino Castle and lake.


Castel Toblino is a rare example of a lakeside castle. Located in the Valle dei Laghi between Padergnone and Sarche in the municipality of Madruzzo, in the province of Trento. The structure is perched on a small and protected peninsula surrounded by the homonymous lake. Its location has obvious reasons for a defensive strategy that exploits both the natural conditions of the land and the presence of the important road link between Trento and the valleys of the Sarca and Chiese. The quadrangular shape of the complex finds one of the most interesting signs in the large keep of circular form, certainly the most evident of the medieval pre-existences. The wide crenellated walls surrounding the entire complex and the large park surrounding the residence add an additional distinctive character. Currently the castle is private property and is used as a restaurant.Fin from 1100 the castle was the property of vassals of the prince bishop of Trento. The Da Campo family took possession of it in the 13th century and from the end of the 15th century re-entered the orbit of the bishop's estate. After centuries of struggle and conflict between the various noble families of the principality, the castle experienced the years of the quiet Clesio and Madruzzi lineage, a period to which the major restoration and transformation works can be attributed. From the 16th century Toblino became a peripheral seat of the court of Trento. Here the illustrious guests of the prince bishop stayed, they met the pontifical legates arrived in Trento for the Sacred Council and many wealthy personalities of the bishop's court dwelt. In April 1848 it was besieged by the Lombardi Volunteer Corps during an attempt to march on the city of Trento. The castle owes its fame, in addition to the beauty of the environment, to the many legends it has aroused. According to one of these, of literary origin and not born from popular imagination, Toblino was in the seventeenth century a place of delights for Claudia daughter of Lodovico Particella, oriundo of Fossombrone, with Carlo Emanuele Madruzzo, prince bishop of Trento and last of the Madruzzo. The supplications to the Pope were vain in order to obtain the dissolution of the priestly vows, the prelate would have abandoned himself to a sinful relationship with Claudia. The aforementioned report was chosen by Benito Mussolini as the subject of his historical novel "The Lover of the Cardinal Claudia Particella", written in 1910.A set of relatively recent legends created to stimulate the imagination of visitors, see Carlo Emanuele conspirator of the death of Claudia and her brother Vincenzo, both tragically drowned in the lake. Another story tells the contrasting love of Aliprando di Toblino with Ginevra, the beautiful castle of Stenico. One night, while Aliprando came home riding on a path, he was killed by Graziadeo di Castel Campo, his rival in love. In Castel Toblino (18 km from Trento) you can reach the S.S. 45 bis of the Western Gardesana in the so-called Valle dei Laghi..
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