Lago di Garda parte Trentina


   Roman bridge and historical center and Dro



 Roman bridge and historical center Dro The origins of the so-called Roman bridge are uncertain, although it seems plausible that in ancient times it could be used to cross the Sarca river where the ancient route of the roads coming from Arco and Laghel reached the fraction of Ceniga. The inscriptions on the sides of the artifact recall that this was rebuilt in 1719 after a flood of the river and again in 1868 following the demolition ordered by the Austrians in the events of the third war of independence. enica of the month. Dro is at the center of a naturalistic itinerary Located between Lake Garda, Lake Cavedine and Lake Toblino, south of Paganella, Dro is one of the oldest communities in the Sarca valley. The traditional stone carved portals, towers, small arches and irregular streets are evidence of the medieval period. Of notable historical and architectural interest are: the deconsecrated church of the S.S. Sisinio, Martirio and Alessandro, the Baroque church of S. Antonio, the Roman bridge of Ceniga and the Guaita tower of Pietramurata. The landscape surrounding Dro is suggestive, the almost desert appearance alternates with rich corners of vegetation. On the one hand the Marocche, blocks of rock with gigantic dimensions and of glacial origin, are recognized as biotopes and are the largest in Europe. On the other, the cultivation of orchards and vineyards, which produce the famous prunes of Dro and the typical Vino Santo. Dro is known among fans of free climbing and climbing, is the starting point of some of the most beautiful rock faces. Its position offers the possibility of excursions and walks, both on foot and by mountain bike. In recent years, Dro has become the driving force behind artistic performances. The historic Fies hydroelectric plant is used as a center for the creation and production of contemporary arts. Every year it hosts the Drodesera Festival, a testing laboratory and venue for international events.

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