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Porta San Marco Riva del Garda  


 The Porta San Marco is the access to the historic center of the town of Riva del Garda. It opens on the Via Fiume, full of small shops, bars and restaurants.In the ancient city walls there are only a few fragments left, hidden by the urban development of the mid-nineteenth century, with a similar path to many medieval towns. Walls Fragments of walls can be seen, along the perimeter of the city from east to west: from Via Monte Oro, like battlements that emerge between the houses leaning against the new parking area; further on at the Porta San Marco, at the foot of the San Michele gate and finally at the back of the archpriest church in Viale San Francesco. The complete development and defense design of the city is perfectly grasped in the square in front of the Bastion where it includes the function of defense from non-controlled entrances to the north and the opening towards the lake with the continuous traffic of merchandise and people traveling. Nothing is known of the context that led to the construction of the walls, which are nevertheless cited in the oldest statutory documents of the city of 1274 that ordered closed doors, balconies and windows, sign not only of a pre-existence, but also of a little military use of the structure

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