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Trento is a province of the Trentino Alto Adige region. It has more than 115,000 inhabitants, and stands at an altitude of 194 meters above sea level, along the banks of the river Adige. Located in a wide valley, between the majestic mountains of Paganella, Bondone and Marzola, the city of Trento is an important reference point for the entire region, from a cultural and artistic point of view. Trento is a city rich in history, witnessed by the many monuments that we still find today in the historic center of the country and deserve to be visited.Also Trento is located 55 km from Bolzano and 100 km from Verona, therefore it is seen and considered as the starting point for visiting various locations in the Dolomites. The territory of Trento has been inhabited since prehistoric times; the Romans arrived in the first century, and made the city a considerable strategic point. In the Middle Ages, Trento became a diocese, to preserve and preserve the security and unity of the city itself. Over the centuries, Goti and Franchi succeeded each other until 982, when Trento was annexed to the Holy Roman Empire. Undoubtedly the fame of Trent took place in 1545, when the Council of Trent was convened, to start the Counter-reform of the Catholic Church. Trento is a city based mainly on tourism; in fact it offers the visitor various types of holidays. The hospitality of the locals has meant that Trento is still considered one of the most popular and appreciated tourist destinations. For nature lovers, there are many itineraries for walking and hiking. We recommend a visit to the Stelvio National Park, particularly evocative and fascinating. Also nearby are the Dolomites, Val di Non and Val Badia, with mountains that offer magnificent and enchanting views. At the center of the city of Trento we find the Duomo, a building that preserves numerous works of art and sepulchral monuments of various princes and bishops. Opposite the Cathedral rises the Civic Tower and, at its side, the Palazzo Pretorio, today the seat of the Tridentino Diocesan Muso, which houses sculptures and paintings of various centuries. The most significant monument of the city is the Castle of the Good Council, located in the historic center of Trento, built in the thirteenth century, expanded and modified several times. In the museum important collections and archaeological finds.

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