Excursions Lake Garda Tickets ARENA VERONA



The partìcìpant who wishes to cancel the journey for any reason will have the rìght to 90% refund ofthe fee, pro­vidìng that notice is given at least 24 hours before the journey commences, Arena dì Verona entrance tìckets are not refundable. Refunds cannot be gìven after this time. The agency reserves the right to cancel the journey at any time and wìthout any obligatìon other than to pay back the total sum paid. The agency also reserves the right to vary the programme in case of necessity as the occasion may require. The agency cannot be held responsible for injury to any person on account of circumstance beyond our control, nor accidents caused by a third party, nor for loss or damage to personal matters. The responsibility of agency is limited and subjected to the causes ofthe lnternational Convention, law 1084/1977 and 79/2011, and cannot be exceeded in any case.


The excursion will_take plate in any weather. In case of rain, only the Foundation Arena di Verona will take the decìsion about cancelling the performance shortly before its begìnnìng. Our Trave I Agency can in no way influence such decision. In case of cancellation ofthe performance before its beginning,the sole cast ofthe entrance ticket wìll be refunded.