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Here you will find a wide selection of accommodations throughout the territory and precise information on the countries of Lake Garda we guarantee the best prices for any type of structure, from the small family-run B & B to the apartment or the luxurious 5-star suite, TRAVEL proposals, ONLINE TICKETS, AND SPORTS all without ANY COMMISSION totally FREE request for companies and users who book, we guarantee maximum security. We support with free contributions to meet the living expenses of maintenance of the site, our mission is to halve the power of portals that monopolize the market asking in exchange for companies very high percentages for the service, with us the companies can register gratis.SS 50 years Riva del Garda viale dei ligli n.18 TN Tourism expert, graduate in linguistic mediation for businesses and tourism long experience in commercial in the hotel and accounting sector GC years53 Riva del Garda Riva del Garda viale dei ligli n.18 TN Creator, coordinator and project manager, Long experience in commercial and hotel industry. Owner of the following portals booking-lagodigarda.it booking-lakegarda.it gardasee-booking.it booking-lowcost.it marche-turismo.it buddhainsrilanka.net